Unique Website Designs

Unique Website designs attract more visitors and make your site stand out among others. While creating a nice looking website is not an easy task, it doesn’t mean that you can’t have your own unique web design. There are several things you can do in order to create a nice looking website and one of them is to learn from other websites. This is the easiest way in which you can find some web inspirations from other sites. Thanks to internet, there are many nice looking websites with unique designs that can be a good source of inspiration. The following are some nice looking sites that you can use. 

Top Amazing Sites

Here are some nice websites with amazing and unique web designs:

  • Smiths : This is a nice website that comes with a large background image providing a cool image to attract visitors and create a nice impression when visitors visit the first page. The large background image consists of a guy’s feet and a wood floor, a pretty weird combination but create a nice and unique design. As for its layout, the content of the site is on the piece of paper with a notepad lying on the floor. 
  • Basilgloo: As you can see from the first page, the creator of this web uses a very interesting layout that separates the page into a right side and a left side. On the right side, you can see his business information while on the left side, there is his personal information. A pretty nice looking website for those who want to create a simple and elegant site. 

Other Sites to Consider

  • Jeremycowart: The next cool website is jeremycowart.com. For those who want to create portfolio photography sites, this one can be a good source of inspiration. The owner places all photos right in front of you, simply click the photo and move the mouse to see other photos. All the photos are placed on top of the others. 
  • Ribbit: Ribbit.com comes with a very interactive layout, using a large background image you can see how the pictures can interact with the layout. 
  • Evanescenceuk : This site comes with a navigational scheme and a horizontal layout. Simply slide across the site when you wan to more to another page. 

These are some unique website designs that can be used as your inspirations. 

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