Great Photography Effects

Speaking about photography, learning some nice and cool effects would be a great addition. When it comes to learning photography, there are several things we should do from having a high quality camera to learning some skills. By having proper knowledge, there is no doubt that we can capture every special moment with the best image quality. Some of you may wonder how others can create such amazing and unique photos. Fortunately, everyone can learn a few tricks so that they can make the photo look more entertaining. In order to help you learn more about delivering unique and amazing photos, let’s take a look at some few tricks mentioned here. 

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Bring Unique Photo Effects

The following are some modern photography tips you should know if you want to deliver amazing and unique photos: 

  • Keep your subject comfortable and willing: When taking a photo of the person, you need to ensure that the subject is comfortable enough. The key is to let the subject moves and acts freely. Once they start comfortable, you can start the photo shoot. 
  • Pay more attention with your lighting: Many professional photographers know how lighting can play such as important role. For example, you can use different positions and brightness and the results should be different for each setting. If you want to create silhouette illusion, put a light source behind the model. Light can make some significant changes if you know on how to take advantages of this aspect. 
  • Pick the right camera: With many cameras available out there, take some time to shop around for a good one, a good camera doesn’t have to be expensive as you can find one that meets with your budget. 

There is still more you need to learn in order to bring amazing and unique photos. While most professional photographers take some time to learn more tricks, the same thing goes for you. So if you want to improve your knowledge and skills in photography, make sure to spend some time and practice more. 

Learn Photography Online

Just click here if you want to learn all about basic photography.

Download Free Graphics Material

Internet is the best place if you want to download free infographics.  Speaking about infographics, the use of infographic designs has become very popular as they provide an easier way when it comes to giving some information to visitors. All types of businesses have been searching for the most effective method in which they can convey the message clearly to the visitors. The same thing goes with website designs as there many website designers already realize the importance of using infographic designs for their website. For those who are in the business promotion, there is no doubt that infographic designs play an important role. Now, if you are looking for some nice free vector designs, let’s take a look at some best sites where you can download these designs for free. 

Best Places to Consider

The following are some best sites allowing you to download free infographic design: 

  • offers some nice PNG Images for free such as infographic design graphic elements kit vector and infographic elements. 
  • where you are given with a free wallpaper download in HD for free. All the elements can be used both for commercial and personal purposes 
  • offers some cool graphic elements, all of which are ready to download for free. These website come with the most popular elements like stock, vector, PSD, png, design, templates that you can use for your graphic designs. 

Other Places to Consider is another great site where you can download some cool wallpaper, stock photos, advertorial media, and any others graphic source. Some templates serve more specific uses such as infographic templates for business related infographics, data related graphics, a distinctive infographic and many more. You can also find some templates that come with fully editable vector art files. These are some best places where you can find free templates for your infographic designs. Most of these sites allow you to download free graphics material. 

Vectors in Computer Application

Talking about vectors, you can easily relate your thoughts to graphics, editor, markup language, and many more. Interestingly, when you ask your younger siblings, they may say something like vector math, geometry, and all that. Let us now be more specific in the computer term and application areas. 

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Vectors in Computer

Let me in on a couple of computer terms about vectors.

  • Vector graphics are images in geometrical primitives, including lines, curves, points, and polygons. The images are displayed and stored in vectors, so you can easily execute the storage and scaling due to the mathematical expressions of the geometrical primitives. On the contrary, you use bitmap for more special, if not limited, purposes, including bump mapping, surface texturing, and height-field data. 
  • SVG describes 2D dynamic and static graphics in XML-based format of file.
  • Vector editor is a computer program to edit and compose graphics images. You can save the file in EPS, WMF, SVG, PDF, or VML format.
  • VML is a deprecated language of XML with which you can produce graphics.

Computer Applications

Enough about the terms, let us go on with the application. I am sure you are familiar with pixel whenever you talk about digital picture. A single digital picture consists of thousands of pixels or cells – the closer and smaller they are, the higher the resolution of quality of the digital picture or image. Now, you are also familiar with the computer graphics of 2D and 3D. The 2D was a complete graphics while the 3D is the extension. Other materialization of graphics includes multimedia and text. Our outline fonts today are made from quadratic or cubic mathematical curves. In short, most vector files support:

  • Text (in font format of computer) or quadratics
  • Color gradient
  • Bitmap images when they behave as rectangles
  • Catmull-Rom splines
  • Iterated function-system
  • Super ellipsoids and super ellipses
  • Metaballs
  • And also other graphics of vectors

Vector Editor Online

Vectr is on of popular vector editor online, and the most important is you can access Vectr for free.

Important Role of Banner Advertisement

When you have online business or you are dealing with the efforts and the attempts to make it grow, you need to consider having the banner advertisement as a part of your marketing attempts. If you know how, you can have free banner advertising by having affiliate work. but if you want to have effective marketing and sales method, you can always prepare the budgets for the advertisement cost. 

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Understanding the Banner

The banner ad advertising is basically just the same as the regular advertising methods that we are doing for our offline business. The advertisements are set up and designed so people know that your business exists. With the advertisement, the public knows about your existence, know that you have offered the special services, and know where to find you. Without such advertisements, it would be impossible for your business to grow because no one knows that you are around! The online advertisement is just the same as the regular ads, but they come in hypertext link. You can have a particular service provider to set up the banner ads if you want to promote your business and bring more traffic to your site. The banner ads usually come in a boxy form with graphics and texts. A little bit of animation is also possible. 

Different Types of Banner Ads

When talking about banner advertising, there are several common types that you can encounter on your daily online activities, such as:

  • The click through type. This is included within the cost per click method where visitors have to click the banner. 
  • The page views type. This one is also called as the page impression and it is considered quite popular among internet users and visitors. 
  • The click through rate. It is almost the same as the cost per click method, but the total percentage of the visitors who click the ad will be visible and shown. 

If you are interested in the banner advertisement, feel free to browse around and get thorough information about it. 

Create Banner Advertisement Online

Canva, yes canva is one of most popular banner maker online. They have free and premium service.

You’re a Graphic Designer? Understanding Favicons Design

If you are new in the computing designing, you must be wondering what favicons design is. First of all, the favicon is the short for the favorite icon, which is always related to the web site or a web page. With the favicon, the web developer is allowed to customize the web browser site, both in the bookmark as well as in the tab bar. Lots of people who are interested in the online business and they want to build web site focus more on this favicon aspect. 

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Learning More about It

It was named favicon because the program was first introduced and then developed in the Internet Explorer. You know that the browser calls their bookmark sites as favorites and use certain icons to display the favorite menu. Most of the favicon sites are designed in the small form of their brands or their logo. As it was mentioned before, most of the website builders also use the favicons to ‘decorate’ their free websites. The favicons are usually displayed in these 3 primary spots:

  • The tab bar of your browser
  • The browser’s address bar, on the URL side
  • The browser’s bookmark

How to Create One

If you are interested in making a favicon design, here are the steps that you can follow:

  • Create 16 x 16 pixel of image by using graphic program. Save it with bmp or gif format
  • After saving it, you need to change it into iconic format be sure to choose the right icon editorial programs. When you have finished, save the result as favicon.ico format.
  • Publish it. You only need to upload the icon on the similar directory that you want to bookmark.

There are different kinds of browsers that you can use, such as the Mozilla, Netscape, Safari, Opera, Firefox, and also Internet Explorer to display your favicons design.

Where We Can Create Favicon Design for Free?

There are some website provide online tools to create cool favicons with only drag and drop system. And one the best is You can create favicon design for free there,

Facts about Icons Design You Need to Know

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When you are working in designing and computing industry, you must know that the icons design is one of the most important steps in representing the quality of the project. It is the processes of creating a certain graphic symbol that will represent subtract, real, or fantasy motive, action, or entity. The app icon design plays an important role in representing a function or a program in software applications and programs. It is also representing the data of the computer system itself. 

Understanding the Icon

The icon design can be made into simple forms or the complicated ones – depending on the icon designer. The simple one usually comes in black silhouette or simple drawing with two dimensional form, while the complex one usually come in graphic design combination that include project shadow, shading contour, coloring radial or linear gradient, and other three dimensional forms. The icon shouldn’t be too big either because it will not meet the purpose of the design. The maximal size of the icon should be about 1024 x 1024 pixel. They can be use in any kinds of operating system, such as Linux, Windows, Mac, or other mobile platform. 

The Challenge 

One of the most challenging tasks of the icon design is to make sure that the outcome design can really represent the meaning and the purpose of the application itself. Not only it should be attractive and beautiful, users also need to understand the meaning when they first see it. Creating an image that is understandable, communicative, and beautiful within every size possible – from the maximum resolution to the minimum one – isn’t easy.  A good design can be made by first creating the largest size and then reduce the size from the original form. The icons design should involve rendering process and removing any aligning strokes or other unnecessary details to create perfect result.

Where I Can Create Free Icon Design?

There is so many website provide icon maker or icon generator online. Crello is one of them, you can choose for free or premium icon maker on crello.

Arung Jeram Sungai Elo Magelang

Jika Anda tertarik untuk melihat keluarga Anda di musim panas ini atau bagaimana memanfaatkan liburan sekolah Anda, arung jeram mungkin adalah petualangan paling tepat yang dapat memberi Anda jalan keluar dan menyegarkan kembali pendaki Anda yang paling enggan. Karenanya, arung jeram sungai elo menjadi salah satu destinasi favorit di Jawa Tengah dan Yogyakarta.

Arung jeram juga sering disebut sebagai kayak dan telah populer selama bertahun-tahun tidak hanya di Amerika Serikat tetapi juga di banyak daerah lain. Ini adalah olahraga luar ruangan yang bagus dan bahkan jika Anda belum mencobanya, tidak ada alasan bagi pemula untuk tidak menikmati arung jeram. Mendayung lebih menyenangkan jika dilakukan secara berkelompok daripada sendirian.

Kayak melibatkan mendayung perahu atau rakit (yang dapat tertiup angin) dan membawanya menyeberangi sungai melalui aliran air. Biasanya, lereng diklasifikasikan menurut kondisi air, yang berkisar dari 1 sampai 5. Nilai-nilai ini menunjukkan peningkatan intensitas dan kesulitan dengan bertambahnya ukuran. Anak-anak dan pemula di atas 5 tahun sangat dianjurkan untuk menggunakan Rapid, dengan rating kurang dari 1, yang berbahaya dan tidak berlaku untuk arung jeram.

Karena arung jeram menjadi semakin populer sebagai aktivitas rekreasi, beberapa perbaikan peralatan sekarang juga memberikan beberapa pilihan baru untuk arung jeram. Rakit tidak perlu dibongkar atau dibongkar, karena tersedia rakit bermotor. Variasi umum lainnya pada rakit adalah rakit hibrida yang mencakup dayung dan dayung. Hal ini memungkinkan pengendara untuk berbagi tugas dayung dan dayung di antaranya.

Arung jeram biasanya diawasi oleh pengemudi profesional yang berkualifikasi dan semua instruksi harus diikuti. Untuk menghindari bahaya, semua penumpang diharuskan mengenakan rompi pengaman.

Jadi, jika Anda ingin menikmati arung jeram elo, Anda bisa mengunjungi untuk informasi lebih lanjut.

Pentingnya Desain Logo Dalam Sebuah Brand Maupun Bisnis

Jika Anda ingin memperkenalkan bisnis Anda atau ingin meningkatkannya, Anda selalu dapat memilih desain logo yang tepat yang akan mendukung Anda. Sangat umum untuk memiliki desain logo bisnis untuk membantu Anda meningkatkan bisnis Anda serta mengharapkannya untuk tumbuh dan dikenal oleh banyak orang. Anda mungkin berpikir bahwa mendesain logo itu mudah, tetapi Anda akan melihat bahwa prosesnya tidak semudah yang Anda bayangkan; sebenarnya, ini bisa rumit dan rumit.

Mengapa Memiliki Logo?
Hal yang lumrah dan umum terjadi ketika sebuah perusahaan ingin memilih logo tertentu atau mereka ingin mengubah logo yang ada karena pentingnya bisnis tersebut. Sebuah logo mungkin tampak sederhana dan tidak penting, tetapi sebenarnya t mewakili ide Anda, karakteristik Anda, jenis bisnis Anda, dan banyak lagi. Logo bertindak sebagai pesan khusus yang akan menyampaikan makna kepada pelanggan dan klien. Saat Anda memilih logo yang tepat, Anda pasti telah memilih representasi yang tepat untuk bisnis Anda. Banyak sekali inspirasi desain logo yang bisa Anda pilih. Anda juga dapat memilih untuk mendesain logo pada Anda atau menyewa layanan profesional untuk melakukannya. Dapat dikatakan bahwa logo akan menjadi simbol representatif yang tidak hanya digunakan untuk merepresentasikan perusahaan, tetapi juga untuk branding dan pengenalan yang lebih mudah.

Berusaha keras dalam Bisnis Logo
Anda pada dasarnya dapat menyewa desainer logo profesional jika Anda tertarik untuk membuat desain logo khusus. Tentu Anda selalu dapat melakukan semuanya sendiri, tetapi apakah Anda siap untuk menyisihkan waktu dan fokus Anda dalam mengembangkan bisnis hanya untuk menangani pembuatan logo? Pastikan untuk mempertimbangkan dengan cermat tentang jenis profesional yang akan Anda pekerjakan untuk pembuatan dan juga menyiapkan anggaran yang tepat untuk proses desain logo.

Memahami Esensi Desain Favicons

Jika Anda baru dalam mendesain komputasi, Anda pasti bertanya-tanya apa desain favicons itu. Pertama-tama, favicon adalah kependekan dari ikon favorit, yang selalu terkait dengan situs web atau halaman web. Dengan favicon, pengembang web yang mengikuti untuk menyesuaikan situs browser web, baik di bookmark maupun di bilah tab. Banyak sekali orang yang tertarik dengan bisnis online dan ingin membangun situs web lebih fokus pada aspek favicon ini.

Mempelajari Lebih Banyak tentang Itu
Ini dinamai favicon karena program tersebut pertama kali diperkenalkan dan kemudian dikembangkan di Internet Explorer. Anda tahu bahwa browser menyebut situs bookmark mereka sebagai favorit dan menggunakan ikon tertentu untuk menampilkan menu favorit. Sebagian besar situs favicon dirancang dalam bentuk kecil merek atau logo mereka. Seperti yang telah datang sebelumnya, sebagian besar pembuat situs web juga menggunakan favicon untuk ‘menghias’ situs web gratis mereka. Favicon biasanya berada di 3 tempat utama berikut:
Bilah tab browser Anda
Bilah alamat browser, di sisi URL
Bookmark browser

Cara Membuatnya
Jika Anda tertarik untuk membuat desain favicon, berikut adalah langkah-langkah yang bisa Anda ikuti:
Buat gambar 16 x 16 piksel dengan menggunakan program grafis. Simpan dengan format bmp atau gif
Sesuatu yang benar, Anda perlu melihat format menjadi ikonik yang diambil untuk memilih program editorial yang tepat. Jika sudah selesai, simpan hasilnya sebagai format favicon.ico.
Menayangkan itu. Anda hanya perlu mengunggah ikon pada direktori serupa yang ingin Anda tandai.
Ada berbagai macam browser yang dapat Anda gunakan, seperti Mozilla, Netscape, Safari, Opera, Firefox, dan juga Internet Explorer untuk menampilkan desain favicon Anda.

Fakta tentang Desain Ikon

Saat Anda bekerja di industri desain dan komputasi, Anda harus tahu bahwa desain ikon adalah salah satu langkah terpenting dalam merepresentasikan kualitas proyek. Ini adalah proses pembuatan simbol grafik tertentu yang akan mewakili motif, tindakan, atau entitas yang direduksi, nyata, atau fantasi. Desain ikon aplikasi memegang peranan penting dalam merepresentasikan suatu fungsi atau program dalam aplikasi dan program perangkat lunak. Ini juga mewakili data dari sistem komputer itu sendiri.

Memahami Ikon
Desain ikon bisa sederhana atau kompleks – tergantung pada desainer ikon. Bentuk sederhana biasanya berupa siluet hitam atau gambar sederhana dengan bentuk dua dimensi, sedangkan yang kompleks biasanya hadir dalam kombinasi desain grafis yang meliputi arsiran proyek, kontur bayangan, pewarnaan radial atau gradien linier, dan bentuk tiga dimensi lainnya. . Ikon juga tidak boleh terlalu besar karena tidak sesuai dengan tujuan desain. Ukuran maksimum ikon harus kira-kira 1024 x 1024 piksel. Mereka dapat digunakan pada semua jenis sistem operasi, seperti Linux, Windows, Mac, atau platform seluler lainnya.

Salah satu tugas paling menantang dari desain ikon adalah memastikan bahwa desain yang dihasilkan benar-benar mewakili makna dan tujuan aplikasi itu sendiri. Tidak hanya harus menarik dan indah, pengguna juga perlu memahami apa artinya saat pertama kali melihatnya. Membuat gambar yang mudah dipahami, komunikatif, dan indah dalam berbagai ukuran – dari resolusi maksimum hingga resolusi minimum – tidaklah mudah. Desain yang baik dapat dibuat dengan terlebih dahulu membuat ukuran terbesar kemudian memperkecil ukurannya dari bentuk aslinya. Desain ikon harus melibatkan rendering dan penghapusan goresan penyelarasan yang tidak perlu atau detail lain untuk membuat hasil yang sempurna.