Facts about Icons Design You Need to Know

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When you are working in designing and computing industry, you must know that the icons design is one of the most important steps in representing the quality of the project. It is the processes of creating a certain graphic symbol that will represent subtract, real, or fantasy motive, action, or entity. The app icon design plays an important role in representing a function or a program in software applications and programs. It is also representing the data of the computer system itself. 

Understanding the Icon

The icon design can be made into simple forms or the complicated ones – depending on the icon designer. The simple one usually comes in black silhouette or simple drawing with two dimensional form, while the complex one usually come in graphic design combination that include project shadow, shading contour, coloring radial or linear gradient, and other three dimensional forms. The icon shouldn’t be too big either because it will not meet the purpose of the design. The maximal size of the icon should be about 1024 x 1024 pixel. They can be use in any kinds of operating system, such as Linux, Windows, Mac, or other mobile platform. 

The Challenge 

One of the most challenging tasks of the icon design is to make sure that the outcome design can really represent the meaning and the purpose of the application itself. Not only it should be attractive and beautiful, users also need to understand the meaning when they first see it. Creating an image that is understandable, communicative, and beautiful within every size possible – from the maximum resolution to the minimum one – isn’t easy.  A good design can be made by first creating the largest size and then reduce the size from the original form. The icons design should involve rendering process and removing any aligning strokes or other unnecessary details to create perfect result.

Where I Can Create Free Icon Design?

There is so many website provide icon maker or icon generator online. Crello is one of them, you can choose for free or premium icon maker on crello.

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