Best Website Builder Review

If you are interested to build your own website, the first task is to find the best website builder available out there. Well, there are many tools and website builders which can help you to create a website. However, with many choices available out there, you should be more selective so that you can get the best one that fits with your needs. It doesn’t matter whether you want to create ecommerce sites or a simple website, having the right tool would make everything look easier. Now, let’s take a look at some cool website builders available out there. 

Some Cool Tools to Consider

The following are some best website builders that you can use to create a nice looking website with little effort: 

  • Squarespace: This is a nice website builder that comes with lots of room for those who want to customize their website. Squarespace is great for those who want to create blogs and even portfolio sites. Squarespace also comes with some nice and beautiful templates. 
  • Edicy: The other cool website builder which is easy to use and take a few minutes to understand most features provided by this website builder. A perfect choice for those who want to create multi lingual websites. 
  • Webs: Webs comes with tons of customization options allowing you to create professional sites quickly. Even for those who are not familiar with HTML, it does a good job to provide some nice and easy to understand tools. 
  • JImdo: A cool website builder that comes with the great flexibility. It offers some neat integrations and a strong ecommerce editor. 
  • Yola: If you are looking for a website builder that offers some nice features especially when it comes to SEO, Yola seems to be a perfect choice. It comes with lots of clever features allowing you to create a website in a fun and easy way.  

Making a professional site is easy and fun once you find the right web builder. Most website builders offer some nice and cool features which are easy to use. It only takes a few minutes to understand some features offered. If you are looking for the best website builder, some builders mentioned above could be a good choice. is one of most popular website builder today.

Perspective Photoshop Tips

For most amateurs who just learn Photoshop, learning more about some perspective Photoshop tips can be very helpful.  Knowing about some basic tips in using Photoshop will help you to edit images faster and create a more beautiful edited image. While there are several effects you can use, most of us find it difficult to maximize the use of some tools provided by this software. For more information, let’s take a look at some tips on how to keep things in perspective with Photoshop. 

Keep Things in Perspective

First, working with perspective in Photoshop doesn’t have to be difficult. There are several things you should know such as vanishing points, a horizon and construction lines. Here is the Photoshop tutorial you should know when dealing with perspective in Photoshop: 

  • The first tool is the vanishing point tool which is known as a great tool used to work with images that have a specific perspective. With the help from this vanishing point tool, there is no need to work with the entire 3D package. 
  • Using vanishing point tool is easy, simply click the filter>vanishing point. Now you can create a plane with stimulates the perspective of the image. 
  • Next, you need to prepare the image you want to edit and correct the perspective. The image should be in 8 bit mode. Select menu<edit<transform<perspective 
  • Vanishing point tool can also be used to remove an object from the image. You can use the clone stamp tool available in the vanishing paint tool, it works the same with the clone stamp available on the standard toolbar. 

Photoshop does a great job when it comes to editing images. It can handle various issues including perspective. Vanishing point tool, a horizon and construction lines are a few things you should know when using Photoshop. There are still lots of things you can learn in Photoshop. Now, after knowing the use of vanishing point tool, it should be a lot easier when you encounter with some issues such as Perspective Photoshop. 

Unique Website Designs

Unique Website designs attract more visitors and make your site stand out among others. While creating a nice looking website is not an easy task, it doesn’t mean that you can’t have your own unique web design. There are several things you can do in order to create a nice looking website and one of them is to learn from other websites. This is the easiest way in which you can find some web inspirations from other sites. Thanks to internet, there are many nice looking websites with unique designs that can be a good source of inspiration. The following are some nice looking sites that you can use. 

Top Amazing Sites

Here are some nice websites with amazing and unique web designs:

  • Smiths : This is a nice website that comes with a large background image providing a cool image to attract visitors and create a nice impression when visitors visit the first page. The large background image consists of a guy’s feet and a wood floor, a pretty weird combination but create a nice and unique design. As for its layout, the content of the site is on the piece of paper with a notepad lying on the floor. 
  • Basilgloo: As you can see from the first page, the creator of this web uses a very interesting layout that separates the page into a right side and a left side. On the right side, you can see his business information while on the left side, there is his personal information. A pretty nice looking website for those who want to create a simple and elegant site. 

Other Sites to Consider

  • Jeremycowart: The next cool website is For those who want to create portfolio photography sites, this one can be a good source of inspiration. The owner places all photos right in front of you, simply click the photo and move the mouse to see other photos. All the photos are placed on top of the others. 
  • Ribbit: comes with a very interactive layout, using a large background image you can see how the pictures can interact with the layout. 
  • Evanescenceuk : This site comes with a navigational scheme and a horizontal layout. Simply slide across the site when you wan to more to another page. 

These are some unique website designs that can be used as your inspirations. 

Responsive WordPress Themes

If you are interested to create a website with themes, choosing only responsive WordPress Themes is very vital. With many WordPress themes available out there, it is not really surprising if more and more web designers decide to go with themes as using one can help them save a lot of time and effort. The idea of creating a responsive web design has become a very popular issue discussed by many web developers and designers. While focusing on the look and layout of the site, performance is one important factor that should be considered seriously. The problem is, it is not easy to choose the right themes that offer both nice designs and performance in one package. 

Few Tips to Consider 

The issue responsive web design is not just a catchy slogan. Designing a website is not only about creating a nice looking site. There are other aspects to consider and one of them is learning on how to create a user friendly site with easy navigation. The following are some things to look for when searching for WordPress themes: 

  • Customizability: A good WordPress theme is not only good in designs but also offers some menu options where we can change the look in an easier way. Changing colors, fonts and even a layout, these tasks should be done in an easier way. 
  • Functionality: The next aspect is to know how WordPress themes can cater all your needs by providing the necessary features. Some features such as media connects, image sliders and newsletters might be a good choice but you should also check whether these features make your site become less responsive. 

Knowing on how to create a nice looking website while learning on how to increase the performance is very important. Whether you are a professional web designer or someone who wants to create a site for business purposes, there is no doubt that choosing responsive WordPress themes should be taken into your first priority. 

You can download cool responsive wordpress themes on codeinwp

Joomla Templates for Professional Websites

There are several themes available but only a few them are worth a buy, one of them is Joomla templates. Joomla templates are available in free and premium Joomla themes. Today, the use of templates is getting more and more popular since it helps professional web designers to create a nice looking website without creating everything from the scratch. Templates play an important role when it comes to web designs. Known as one of the most popular templates, Joomla offers a wide range of themes, designs and colors available to choose from. For more information, let’s see some different themes and designs offered by Joomla. 

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Free Popular Designs 

The following are some popular Joomla designs where you can choose one that meets with your style and requirements: 

  • AsTemplates: If you want to create a news portal site, AsTemplates Joomla template will be a good choice. The template comes with a large number of color combination and fonts which will help you to create a nice and professional news portal website. 
  • Joomlart: Known as one of the best free Joomla templates, the template comes in a clean, intuitive interface and 4 different color combinations. It comes with three columns which will be a good choice if you want to put more information in one page. 
  • Joomlashine : Another fresh Joomla template that comes in a clean and intuitive interface is Keep It Fresh. It comes in 4 colors and 3 layers. 
  • NicePage: NicePage comes in thousands of Joomla templates and allowing you to put more content while providing easy navigation for your visitors. 

Overall, designing a website with templates such as Joomla templates helps you to save a lot of effort and time without compromising on quality. While there are some premium templates, some free Joomla templates offer a nice and attractive layout allowing you to create a professional website.

Web Inspirations for Your Web

If you are a web design professional or someone who want to create a nice website, knowing where to find web inspirations is very vital. In fact, starting a new web design project can be challenging. In most cases, most designers take some time to find a good starting point. While designing a new website can be very fun, using your time as efficient as possible is very important otherwise you might end up wasting your time and are unable to meet the deadline. In order to help you design a new website efficiently, there are a few basic tips which will help you to save more time. Let’s take a look at some of these tips. 

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Basic Design Tips

The following are some basic tips that professional web designers often use when starting a new web page design project: 

  • Knowing your client requirements: This is first step that you should ask before starting a new project. You can ask some basic questions and learn what their purpose is. Knowing what your client’s needs helps you to create one based on their needs. Before any image is created, make sure that you gather as much information as possible. During this process, you can also give some advice regarding your client’s project. 
  • Learning from your competitors: By learning from your competitor’s project, you can use it as a source of inspiration. You can also apply some design ideas that you think will fit the most with your needs. 
  • Mind mapping process: The next process is to produce a mind map. This can be very fun as you will need to gather as much ideas as you can. 
  • Finding web inspiration sources 

These are some ideas you can consider when designing a new website. These few basic tips will help you to create a new web design project in a timely manner. Happy finding web inspirations for your next project!